Hello and welcome to the blog of the only person you will ever likely see write about #MusicAdvisory and #MotorRacingNerdAlert at any given time.IMG_0929

I do two main things with this blog:

  1. I discuss and review a variety of music from all walks of life.  Indie or major-label, rock or orchestral, old or new, you name it, I’ll probably blog it.  In doing so, I provide what are called “Music Advisory” services via discussion and analysis of artists, albums, genres, song/music topics, etc., as well as suggesting similar music based on what I discuss.  This is much like Readers’ Advisory (books) or Listeners’ Advisory (audiobooks), except my writing takes into account the lingo of music from all walks of life.  I also link to relevant records on WorldCat for those interested in pursuing items in their local library.  I usually post #MusicAdvisory blogs on Mondays and Thursdays.
  2. I write about the motor racing world.  My main three series I write about are NASCAR, Formula 1, and Indycar, though this is not exclusive of other racing series around the world, of which there are many.  These are known as the #MotorRacingNerdAlert posts, and I have not set a particular schedule for these blogs yet, though the posts will be weekly, just like the #MusicAdvisory posts mentioned above.

My Twitter account is an extension of this blog, and you can follow me at @hinsw9942 for Tweets about both music and motor racing, and other things, daily.

If you are a musician or artist with a new album (release date less than 7 months) you want me to review, I am open to an arrangement not unlike what book reviewers do for Advanced Reader’s Copies of books.  Visit my “About Me” page above for contact information.

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